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The First Academy Middle School

The middle school years are marked with much change and growth. At The First Academy, the Middle School team focuses on walking with students and parents through these transitional years.

Our desire is to help students focus on their spiritual, academic, artistic, and athletic gifts and talents to help them grow and mature into Godly men and women who love and serve their Lord and the global community. Faculty and staff will partner with parents to fully develop respect (for themselves,others,and authority), kindness, honesty, trustworthiness, and loyalty in these foundational years of student life.

The Middle School curriculum is designed to challenge students academically while developing their Biblical worldview. Young adolescents undergo rapid physical, intellectual, and moral growth, and they move from concrete to abstract thinking and back again. They deal with tremendous pressure from peers, parents and society, all the while searching for identity, purpose, security, and acceptance. It is our desire to provide an emotionally safe environment where the Middle School student grows and matures into one who strives for "Character Before Career, Wisdom Beyond Scholarship, Service Before Self, and Participation as a Way of Life".




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Middle School Contacts

Luci Higgins, Principal
(407) 206-8620
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Chris Mayberry
Assistant Principal
(407) 206-8620

Kate Keyes
Administrative Asst.
(407) 206-8651