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The Classical School

Welcome to The Classical School at The First Academy.

The Classical School is a division of the The First Academy, a well respected conventional Christian school that has been serving Orlando since 1987.

The Classical School, founded in 2000, is a program designed for home school families and offers classes from kindergarten through grade 12. It offers both enrichment activities and academic classes that center on critical thinking skills within a Christian context. Athletic opportunities are available in most sports through The First Academy's extensive program.

Intended for parents who want their child to experience the benefits of some on campus classes, TCS uses a classical approach to education. Although traditional curricula are still used in the classroom, teaching methods are structured along classical lines in order to mesh with a child's natural learning strengths during three stages of development. The Grammar Stage, grades K-4, takes advantage of the child's natural ability to memorize. The Logic Stage, grades 5-8, focuses on the student's desire to question and understand connections. The Rhetoric Stage, grades 9-12, encourages students to speak and write persuasively.

The Classical School offers three different programs. The Tuesday/Thursday program is designed for students (K-12th Grade) to receive instruction two days a week in a traditional classroom setting, while the instruction is parent-led the other three days with content provided by The Classical School.

The basic program is for the families (K-8th Grade) who wish to homeschool their child without receiving instruction from the Classical School. These students would receive legal covering from The Classical School, in addition to academic counseling. The parent must provide a portfolio of the student's work, monthly records, and completion of standardized testing.

The First Hope program is a 5-day ABA-inclusion program for students with special needs. All the Classical School students receive standardized testing, use of the library and the ability to participate in selected TFA sports and activities.


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Joe Fana, Principal
(407) 206-8762